What’s the difference between writing and copywriting?

Find out what distinguishes copywriting from other writing – and why knowing the difference can make all the difference to your business. What is copy? The word ‘copy’ ranks pretty high in my everyday vocabulary. Currently, I’m copy-editing an 8,000-word document, putting together a few lines of web copy for a client and writing some back-cover copy for […]

Does proofreading include editing?

At Accuracy Matters, one question we often get asked is what’s included in a proofread, and whether proofreading includes editing. That’s why in this blog, we’re exploring the whole editorial process to distinguish the main differences between the two. To begin, it might be helpful to give an overview of the whole editorial process from blank page […]

Five ways to successfully proofread your own writing

Simple steps to level up your ability to proofread your own work to ensure clear and consistent communication. I’ve been proofreading for 20 years. It’s a painstaking, tedious, but necessary – and often overlooked – part of the publishing process.  Everyone wants to be a writer and get the glory; editors have all the fun pulling […]

Looking back at 2022

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is over and, while it was the first year to feel more ‘normal’ following the pandemic, it was also a time of flux, both for Accuracy Matters and across the business world…

Writing tips: can we use “very unique”?

Adjectives make up around a fifth of all words in English. Some are often used alongside modifiers such as “hot” or “cold” (very), “short” or “tall” (quite), and “delicious” or “disgusting” (absolutely). Others, like “unmistakable” or “unequivocal”, are accustomed to standing alone…

Will AI kill proofreading?

There are a million sophisticated tools out there to help us to catch our written mistakes, and for the most part we use them gratefully, for everything from writing emails to preparing work presentations.

Proofreading in 2122

If the DeLorean were to spit me out in 2122, I wonder what the role of proofreading might look like – and would I recognise any of it?

Overcoming the dreaded ‘zombie’ rules

Zombie grammar rules are the so-called ‘laws’ of language that are no longer, or never were, valid. Yet, like the undead they refuse to lie down and die, and so continue to haunt those of us who work in editorial services, probably until we, ourselves, pass away. 

Grammar tips: correct capitalisation

Imagine a world with no capitals. In fact, that world exists – certainly in the text threads with my two daughters, which read like some kind of free verse, or avant-garde poem (well, their halves do, at least).  

A question of style (guides)

Yves Saint Laurent famously said that ‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’. Obviously, he was talking about the clothes we wear, but the words we choose to use – and how we use them – are enduring signifiers of our editorial style.

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