Do editorial mistakes matter online?

As a company providing proofreading and copy-editing services to government departments, large corporate entities and charities, we encourage our clients to do everything they can to ensure their work remains error-free across all their communications.

How to use English grammar

Learning correct English grammar involves a combination of study, experience and creative thinking. Grammar can be an unforgiving mistress, but once you have a good understanding of this dark art it will give you all the tools you require to communicate clearly and concisely in all types of writing. 

Checking content in different languages

Content checking in foreign languages, in order to support the proofreading process, sounds like it could take years of study to hone and perfect. In reality all it requires is some common sense, a lot of attention to detail and an excellent understanding of how editorial services work at every stage. 

A guide to English punctuation

Punctuation is a wonderful thing. Used properly, punctuation marks allow us to communicate exactly what we want to say when we write. And there are many different marks which, when used correctly together, make sure our reader perfectly understands our meaning.

How to use colons and semicolons

Colons and semicolons are very useful marks which help writers to clarify exactly what they mean, and each has its own distinct function.

Proofreading can make or break your annual report

Even if an organisation doesn’t love producing an annual report there is usually a legal or regulatory requirement to do so. And here at AM we understand that most organisations want to approach their annual report as a marketing opportunity – after all, together with the website, it’s probably the first port of call for prospective customers, suppliers, would-be employees and shareholders (not to mention competitors).

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