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Our services

Accuracy Matters is a friendly team of writers, editors and proofreaders. We’ve been looking after our clients’ communications and editorial needs since 2012. Whether you need a brochure or web page proofreading, or end-to-end development and production of a suite of publications, we’re here to help.

Public inquiries

We’re accustomed to working on highly sensitive material, such as public inquiries and confidential reports, and all that entails. These are high-profile, pressurised projects and we have a dedicated team with the right experience and training to take care of them efficiently and effectively. These reports, or suites of reports, demand the highest level of security, including for all electronic communications, platforms and processes.

Annual reports

We understand that an annual report is also a marketing opportunity, and every year more clients come back to us to edit, proofread or copy-edit their annual reports. We have our system for these pieces of work fine-tuned whether we come in at the start, or towards the end for a final proofread. We provide this service for everyone from large media agencies who need to increase their capacity at key times to smaller organisations who lack the in-house expertise or manpower for the job. 

Technical & research reports

All our editorial team are excellent generalists but we also have a pool of subject specialists who are able to work on technical and research reports, where the data being handled is often lengthy and complex. Our experts are confident working with detailed information in any form, from graphs and charts to infographics and referencing systems and our expert eyes can make sure that all the hard work you put in to compile your information is as clear as possible on the page.

Style guidelines

Style guides are enormously useful for keeping brands on the right track for their comms, with guidance for how to handle everything from spellings to capitalisation and questions of grammar.

Larger organisations we work with all have their own style guides, but we can help clients who don’t have a comprehensive style guide yet to develop their own document. Some clients have a style guide which is unwieldy, or has become outdated, and needs a little TLC; in these cases our team is more than able to help.

Government comms

Accuracy Matters was born out of a team which met at the old Central Office of Information (COI), and some of our first clients were Government departments. This means we have excellent relationships with many different areas of the civil service and we understand the sensitivities involved when working with government departments.

Educational materials

From proofreading teacher kits and student materials for English Heritage to checking translations of marketing items promoting literacy for McDonald’s, it’s crucial that our work is error-free.

Website/App copy

We have been providing copy-editing and proofreading services for websites and apps for years. Often reading on a screen can mean errors aren’t picked up until it’s too late, but our service means that complicated information can be properly assessed and corrected before it goes live.

We also write copy for clients’ websites, from interviews and press releases to longer in-depth articles.  


Training materials

We develop bespoke training courses for teams looking to sharpen up their proofreading skills and gain a better understanding of the editorial process. We are also currently developing a training portal for short self-study video courses covering a number of the main aspects of proofreading, editing and writing.

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