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Hassle-free annual report proofreading
for your clients

Are you looking for a dedicated team of corporate report proofreading experts?

We’re a friendly team who specialise in supporting branding, content and reporting agencies that produce annual and corporate reports.

We know that, when annual reporting time comes around, you need the best possible team to proofread reports for your clients – on time with no fuss.

But sometimes you’ll find yourself on a deadline without enough resource to get your clients’ reports produced on time and to an exceptional standard…

Which is why you need a trusted partner you can count on when deadlines are looming and you need an extra pair of hands (or several!).

Read on to find out more about our annual report proofreading service.

What can you expect?

Our annual report proofreading service is perfect for busy account and production managers who need additional temporary support when reporting season arrives.

Our annual report proofreading service provides:

Experienced annual and corporate reporting specialist proofreaders – comfortable working either solo or as part of a team.

Proofreaders who are adept at following multiple complex client style guides, or creating and recommending style guidelines, if needed.

Teams who can work remotely or in-house – using PDF mark-ups or custom software.

ISO 9001 certified quality management and assurance processes as standard.

Ethical walls between our different clients, to protect commercially sensitive and confidential information.

A robust project management and resourcing system, with a highly experienced project manager assigned to you.

Detailed forward planning against your requirements, but with built-in flexibility and an agile approach so we can adjust to any changes in scope and schedule.

We also have a team of writers and editors, who are able to help with annual and corporate reports before they get to proof stage, should that be something you need.

We really value the relationship we have developed with the Accuracy Matters annual reporting team this year. During the busy annual reporting season, our studio quickly reaches capacity, so we were delighted to start working with Accuracy Matters as an extension to our in-house proofreaders. Their work is of the highest quality and they quickly got to grips with our systems and processes. Communication was always clear and timely, especially from the project management team. We will definitely be using them again.”

Project Director, leading brand and corporate reporting agency

Why should you choose Accuracy Matters?

Accuracy Matters is a friendly team of writers, editors and proofreaders. We’ve been looking after our clients’ communications and editorial needs since 2012.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll have:

• Your projects in experienced hands

• Quality guaranteed

• An external team of professional proofreaders who can quickly act as an extension to your in-house team

• Peace of mind and a clear understanding of what’s required and what’s possible within given timeframes

• Occasional weekend and evening cover (reasonable notice required for this)

How does the annual report proofreading service work?

Step 1

To begin, you contact us for a preliminary call, so that we can understand your requirements better and see whether we’re a suitable fit for your team and ways of working.

Step 2

After that, we will assign a dedicated project manager to you, who will work with you to make sure that we have the appropriate personnel, processes and other supporting information to meet your requirements.

Step 3

We will then discuss your requirements and schedule for the next annual reporting season, and we will arrange an appropriate team of expert proofreaders to work on your reports. We will plan these bookings in advance (ideally before the end of December).

Step 4

In January, we will make sure that our team has everything they need to work on your projects, including project and accounting processes, checklists, style guides and software.

Step 5

By the time the annual reporting season starts, we will have fully resourced your planned schedules. Should the scope, specifications and/or schedule change for any of your projects, we will work with you to rearrange resources.

Step 6

We will invoice periodically – either by project or per month – and will ensure that we understand and follow your invoicing procedure (and timesheet process, if relevant).

At any point, you can give us feedback and we will smoothly address any issues. We will also seek detailed formal feedback at the end of the annual reporting season, ideally in the form of a ‘wash-up’ meeting.

Case study: Streamlined financial report proofreading

We have been working with a financial services client to proofread their annual reports since 2014. During this time, we have developed a well-honed process, specific to this client.

We work within the client’s own content management system, and this requires our proofreaders to undertake training with the client beforehand. We have previously worked with this client on site, but have smoothly adapted the process to work remotely.

By tailoring our approach, embracing specialised training and seamlessly transitioning to remote work, we have forged a partnership built on trust, efficiency and excellence.

Our Annual Report and Accounts look excellent, and once again, many thanks for your great work on the proofreading. It’s very much appreciated by all of us.”

Jonty Alone, Corporate and Media Relations Manager, NS&I

How much does it cost?

We know that it’s vital for you to find a cost-effective solution when it comes to finding an editorial partner for your annual reports.

An average annual report will cost in the region of £1,200 + VAT, for a full read, depending on page extent, schedule and type of intervention required.

All costs are subject to sight of final proofs, and agreement of the proofreading brief and schedule.

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