Writing tips: can we use “very unique”?

Adjectives make up around a fifth of all words in English. Some are often used alongside modifiers such as “hot” or “cold” (very), “short” or “tall” (quite), and “delicious” or “disgusting” (absolutely). Others, like “unmistakable” or “unequivocal”, are accustomed to standing alone…

AM at 10: Our 5 most popular blogs

The blogs at Accuracy Matters are a combination of articles about the work we do for clients, projects we are proud of, musings on the art of proofreading and editing, and a series of useful grammar and punctuation guides – well, we are experts…

A September celebration

This year marks a decade of Accuracy Matters and we could not be more thrilled we have come this far.

Will AI kill proofreading?

There are a million sophisticated tools out there to help us to catch our written mistakes, and for the most part we use them gratefully, for everything from writing emails to preparing work presentations.

Overcoming the dreaded ‘zombie’ rules

Zombie grammar rules are the so-called ‘laws’ of language that are no longer, or never were, valid. Yet, like the undead they refuse to lie down and die, and so continue to haunt those of us who work in editorial services, probably until we, ourselves, pass away. 

AM at 10: Ten things we’ve learned

Launching your own business is a huge learning curve, and we haven’t always managed to get everything right first time, but we like to think we’ve learned a lot along the way.

Download our three handy checklists for free

For project managers and team leaders looking to plan out a document’s publication in-house, we have prepared three specific checklists which are available to download online. 

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