AM at 10: Our 5 most popular blogs

The blogs at Accuracy Matters are a combination of articles about the work we do for clients, projects we are proud of, musings on the art of proofreading and editing, and a series of useful grammar and punctuation guides – well, we are experts…

The language of love

Shakespeare often springs to mind when considering the language of love, but the big question is: does it do it for you?

More haste, less speed

No one’s perfect, and we all make mistakes when we’re writing in a hurry. But I’m finding it hard to ignore the poor punctuation, spelling errors and grammatical slip-ups I find on social media these days. (I know I’m not the only one, and it probably says a lot about my personality/tolerance levels.)

Should good design win over accuracy?

There was a surprise winner of this year’s Design Museum Design of the Year award – GOV.UK, the website which aims to bring together in one place access to most government information and services. (‘CAPPED UP COS WE MEAN BUSINESS’, apparently. There’s a debate for another occasion.)

Well, it said so on the internet…

If you want to know who founded the Independent newspaper, you’d better not go to Lord Justice Leveson’s report on the behaviour of the press for your information.

How much does getting it wrong online cost?

There’s been an interesting debate recently within the Language Consultancy Association (LCA) community about the extent to which correct spelling and grammar on commercial websites matter – as in really matter, in terms of costing you business.

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