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Guardians of Grammar – editors imagined as superheroes

Guardians of Grammar. Protectors of Punctuation. Superheroes of Syntax.

Guardians of Grammar. Protectors of Punctuation. Superheroes of Syntax.

Meet the gang:

The COMMAnder: Naturally, she knows her role in a sentence. She has the power to separate words, phrases and clauses. From a base in Oxford, she fights against serial comma killers.

Best known for: Saving Grandma from being eaten.

Arch-enemy: The Splicer

Captain Consistency: Likes a uniform. He flies through capital cities solving upper and lower case issues. Can spot and resolve conflict a mile off.

Key skills: Being organised OR organized.

The Apostrophe Posse: Tasked with diverting punctuation catastrophes, the team is highly experienced at rescuing apostrophes from precarious plural noun situations and has the ability to make words contract. All in a day’s work.

Arch-enemy: The Greengrocer

The Typo Busters: Together, they search the streets for suspicious, out-of-place characters, repeatedly saving writers from embarrassment.

Pet peeve: When people call in The Spellchecker instead (he’s notoriously unreliable).

The Modifier: On a mission for clarity, he lends a hand to all participles that have been left dangling.

The Hyphenator: She’s a 6-foot-tall peace-promoting singer-songwriter who brings words together.

The Chopper: Hovering around in his private helicopter, he eliminates all extraneous phrases and jargon.

Favourite destination: The Point

Arch-enemies: The Waffler and Super(fluous)man

The List Maker: Armed with bullet points, she’s a flawless formatter.

Doctor Whom: She attaches the letter ‘m’ where needed with surgical precision.

The Rule Breaker: Sentences: she’d risk one in jail if it meant liberating them from tyrannical pedants. She’s not afraid to boldly split up infinitives. And what’s more, she lets conjunctions and prepositions roam where they want to.

Arch-enemy: The Stickler

You don’t need superheroes to save your text. Just super editors. Call us here.

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