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It’s good to talk – and listen

We’re not ones to gossip but we do like to listen to what other people have to say. Especially what you – our clients and customers – have to say about us.

We’re not ones to gossip but we do like to listen to what other people have to say. Especially what you – our clients and customers – have to say about us.

In November last year, we conducted a customer survey with a broad selection of our clients. Since Accuracy Matters was ‘born’ seven years ago, we’ve not had the chance to take the pulse of our client base so felt it was high time we did.

The results are very encouraging, and now we have a clear idea of how we can further improve our services to you.

What do you think of us?
Everybody we questioned told us that they use us for proofreading. Some of our clients also use us for content checking (12.5%), copy-editing (12.5%) and editorial project management (12.5%).

It is encouraging to read how highly you rate our service (75% of you rated us as ‘excellent’ and 25% said we were ‘good’), and to hear that you are ‘likely’ (12.5%) or ‘very likely’ (87.5%) to recommend us.

We also conducted a survey with clients who use us infrequently. All of these respondents use us for proofreading, all rated our proofreading service as ‘excellent’ and all of them said they were ‘very likely’ to recommend us!


Extremely thorough, detailed proofreading work. Consistently good.”


What are you looking for?
Perhaps unsurprisingly, 100% of respondents cited accuracy as one of the most important features they look for when working with external editorial support. But that’s not all:

  • 87.5% of regular clients look for a high-quality result (compared with 100% of infrequent clients).
  • Half of all regular clients look for a fast turnaround (compared with 33% of infrequent clients) and a friendly team (compared with 100% of infrequent clients).
  • 50% of regular clients (and 67% of infrequent clients) cited ease of contact as important.
  • Just over a third of regular clients (and 67% of infrequent clients) look for flexibility and value for money.


These are all the qualities that we pride ourselves on bringing to every job, so it’s satisfying to know that we’re aiming to deliver just what you’re looking for.


“All the AM proofreaders are extremely conscientious and accurate.”


What stops you working with us more often?
We were interested to find out what prevents our regular clients from working with us more often. Half of our clients don’t have the budget to work with us and 66.7% of clients already have in-house support. We get that it’s not always possible to use external editorial help when you want to. That’s why we will always aim to work with you as an extended member of your team, and we work hard to keep our costs competitive.

How else can we help you?
A quarter of our regular clients and 66.7% of infrequent clients would like to know more about some of the other services we offer: copy-editing, writing and editing easy reads. So we will be sharing more information about these services with you all this year.

Tell us more…
Like him or loathe him, Ernest Hemingway made a valid point when he said: “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”

We’ve certainly learnt a lot from listening to all of you. We’d love to hear more about what you think, so please get in touch by emailing We’re all ears.

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