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Perfect presents for the proofreader in your life

It’s nearly that time of year, the time when you know all eyes will be on the tree; or rather, on the pile of presents underneath the tree.

It’s nearly that time of year, the time when you know all eyes will be on the tree; or rather, on the pile of presents underneath the tree.

This pressure is even greater when buying for a proofreader (a group with notorious attention to detail). Will they understand that you deliberately used the wrong ‘your’ on the label or will the red pen come out before the wrapping paper has been tidied away?

Would a joke mug be a good idea or should you go down the road of serious and thoughtful? To help you through this trying time, we aim to give you some ideas of exactly what that perfect present could be.

When asked what her perfect present would be, one of our team quickly exclaimed, “A holiday!” and while not everyone’s budgets will stretch to a couple of weeks in the Caribbean – or even a long weekend in Bognor Regis – maybe a gift card for the local coffee shop is right up your favourite proofreader’s alley. They work hard, staring at computer screens all day and taking a short break with a change of scenery is vital to keeping their brains and eyes fresh.

I mentioned a joke mug earlier but tea and coffee play a crucial role in a proofreader’s day. Having a mug that makes them smile may just bring the joy they’re lacking. In the age of Google there is no end to the range of merchandise carrying witty puns or personalisation – the sky is the limit!

There are many ways a proofreader chooses to work but more often than not it involves a pen, paper, computer and desk. This could be the inspiration you’ve been looking for. For anyone who has to spend hours at a desk, a good chair is worth more than all the diamonds in Tiffany. Good lumbar support is priceless! Things that are vital but not visible are often overlooked – and the impact of poor posture from a bad chair could stay with us forever.

I don’t know you (or your proofreader) but I do know that straining over a computer all day is not the perfect start to 2022 for anyone. “But,” I hear you say, “chairs are expensive and I’ve spent all my money at Winter Wonderland.” If that’s you, let’s focus on what’s on the desk. Good stationery is certainly the way to my heart!

We’ve written in a previous blog about how much stationery means to us and a sharp pencil or a set of highlighters can mean more to us than anything. Can you tell me that a pen with a fluffy, bouncy thing on the top doesn’t brighten your day and make even the driest piece of copy-editing a bit more manageable?

Here are a few more ideas that could be just what you’ve been searching for:

  • The software of a true professional. There are lots of ways to mark up a proof but more and more it’s done on a PDF and your proofreader needs the right software otherwise they’re up the proverbial creek without a paddle.
  • A shiny A4 2022 diary (possibly with a time management add-on) to keep track of those assignments and ensure clients never have a reason to grumble about double bookings or missed deadlines.
  • The perfect notebook (another Accuracy Matters favourite) for all those style guide points that need to be checked and queried.
  • A sign for the door to keep pesky intruders away when they’re deep in the proof and can’t be disturbed.
  • A personal butler to do all the cleaning, cooking, washing and keep a constant stream of tea coming. Ok, maybe this one really is just wishful thinking but Father Christmas might just bring a Christmas miracle…

Hopefully I’ve managed to give you some inspiration and if you’re still stuck, message us on Twitter and we can become your personalised shopping consultant to ensure that the proofreader in your life keeps that mark-up pen in their desk drawer on Christmas Day.


Image by Mel Poole on Unsplash

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