Why you need a professional proofreader

Why you need a professional proofreader

If you work for a company that has in-house writers who produce corporate content, you may have heard them quizzing: “Why do I need a professional proofreader when I can just use a work colleague or other friend to check my work?” This underlines a common misconception that a professional proofreader is something of an […]

The biggest bugbears in the English language?

It was definitely a writer braver than me who used as his novel’s title, For Whom the Bell Tolls. This phrase, lifted from a poem by John Donne, can cause writers to break into a cold sweat, seeing the word ‘whom’ hovering menacingly in print.

The art of writing recipes

If you have ever tried a pudding recipe, you will understand that baking is both an art and a science – with results that can be heavenly ego-boosting or as disastrously deflating as an interrupted soufflé.

Read any good reference books lately?

The snow has melted and the daffodils are up. That can mean only one thing – time for the annual spring clean! Your wardrobe is one issue, but how long is it since you refreshed your reference collection?

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