What’s the difference between writing and copywriting?

Find out what distinguishes copywriting from other writing – and why knowing the difference can make all the difference to your business. What is copy? The word ‘copy’ ranks pretty high in my everyday vocabulary. Currently, I’m copy-editing an 8,000-word document, putting together a few lines of web copy for a client and writing some back-cover copy for […]

How to out-of-office successfully this summer

Do you find yourself dipping your feet in the hotel pool and simultaneously scrolling through your inbox? Or searching for that elusive bar of signal when you’re meant to be taking in the view? 

You talkin’ to me? – why tone of voice matters

I’m sat typing this at my kitchen table and my mind has already drifted to the snack cupboard.

A couple of Jaffa Cakes later, I conduct another survey of the groceries – this time in the name of research. 

Accuracy Matters Every Day

The other day, my friend messaged me a photo of her newborn baby. Underneath the adorable image, the caption detailed his name (including two middle ones), his weight (in pounds and ounces) and the exact time of his arrival (a bright and early 3.37 am).

A celebration of portmanteaus

What do Brexit and Brangelina have in common? Despite the fact that both are now heading towards a drawn-out divorce, linguistically the two terms perform a union – a union of two words, known as a ‘blend word’ or ‘portmanteau’. For better or worse, Britain + Exit and Brad + Angelina will be eternally etched in our brains in their respectively intertwined states.

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