Why proofreaders are like referees

June is upon us, the papers have been full of stories of impending heatwaves/floods (depending on your paper of choice) and it’s Pimms o’clock. Yes: the Great British Summer is under way. And it’s not just any old summer. World Cup fever hits the country – well, England, at least.


A new children’s TV show aired for the first time last Monday: Wallykazam! I usually spend early evenings trying to lure my daughter away from the telly, but I may well make an exception for this. Here’s why.

Three common mistakes – and how to avoid them

We know that our clients don’t have time to run everything they write past us, so we added a page of top proofreading tips to our website, to help them when they’re writing letters, emails and other short communications. Here are some more mistakes we see week in, week out.

Bad grammar affects your bottom line

Last week Adweek, a leading advertising trade magazine in the US, published an article with the headline ‘Bad Grammar are Bad for Branding’.

Ask the expert

John and I both had car trouble last week. His stopped working completely; mine started gushing oil in the middle of its MOT. Happy days. So we spent quite a bit of time sympathising with each other over our respective motor woes.

Never judge a person by their grammar?

I once ditched a boyfriend on account of his poor grammar. (Before you call me shallow there were other reasons, but it was this that finally confirmed to me our general incompatibility.) My present husband doesn’t put his pants in the laundry basket but does at least know how to use an apostrophe. You can’t win them all.


There was an interesting article in the news this week about whether teachers should correct pupils’ spelling mistakes.

Bad form

We had an interesting chat with one of our associates this week about forms (I know, it doesn’t sound like a very interesting topic!). Filling in forms is probably one of the most tedious tasks on the planet.

Horses for courses

Last week saw the publication of the first ever book copy-edited by Accuracy Matters (fanfare, please!).

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