Useful resources: a few of our favourite things

Everyone has a favourite tool that makes life a little easier. At Accuracy Matters, we’re no different (apart from our editorial superpowers!). We’re sharing the useful resources that we like to call on to support us in our roles. Here are a few of our favourite things … (SPOILER ALERT: there are no whiskers on […]

Professional editorial training – how we do it

Professional editorial training – how we do it

Every wise employer knows that investing in training keeps their staff satisfied and engaged. Did you know that happy and engaged employees do better quality work and make fewer mistakes? And a well-trained employee has a greater understanding of how to do their job effectively – which in turn leads to more positive outcomes and […]

The vital role of a good project manager

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” said John C. Maxwell. We’re all familiar with this quote, but did you know that the second part of the sentence reads “but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team”…

A question of style (guides)

Yves Saint Laurent famously said that ‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’. Obviously, he was talking about the clothes we wear, but the words we choose to use – and how we use them – are enduring signifiers of our editorial style.

Bringing history to life with English Heritage

I’ve always been fond of a historic house and garden (the children less so) but if there’s outdoor space then we might all be happy. Plus, when we get to visit a ruin or house maintained by English Heritage, then I get to see the great work we do for them in situ.

What are proofreading, copy-editing and editing?

The difference between an edit, a copy-edit and a proofread is something that we get asked to explain a lot at Accuracy Matters. Often our clients know they need help with their report or website, but they don’t know what kind of help would be best.

Eight ways to work smarter, not harder

Much has been written about how to be more productive in the workplace. But what if – like those of us who work for Accuracy Matters – your workplace is your home and your ‘office’ is the corner of a room that has some other function of an evening?

Wanted: movies for crimes against grammar

Having exhausted all the really good box sets on Netflix during lockdown, and with the nights drawing in, I’m revisiting some ‘old’ movies that make me laugh.

Calling out obfuscation and weasel-speak

I’m calling out obfuscation and weasel-speak. I’ve had enough. Why can’t people (and especially politicians) say what they really mean in language we can all understand?

Moving new resolutions to springtime

Why do I bother making New Year’s resolutions? I’m not talking about the bad grammar habits which are a daily challenge to avoid. No, I’m talking about the personal stuff.

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