Useful resources: a few of our favourite things

Everyone has a favourite tool that makes life a little easier. At Accuracy Matters, we’re no different (apart from our editorial superpowers!). We’re sharing the useful resources that we like to call on to support us in our roles. Here are a few of our favourite things … (SPOILER ALERT: there are no whiskers on […]

Working with AM as a freelancer

Having worked as a freelance proofreader and copy editor for over 15 years now I am no stranger to the job; I also worked in-house for about 10 years before that. I’ve worked for publishers, professional bodies and private individuals, and in that time…

AM at 10: Ten things we’ve learned

Launching your own business is a huge learning curve, and we haven’t always managed to get everything right first time, but we like to think we’ve learned a lot along the way.

Download our three handy checklists for free

For project managers and team leaders looking to plan out a document’s publication in-house, we have prepared three specific checklists which are available to download online. 

The art of ‘matchmaking’ freelancers

Finding the right fit for editorial work can be a tricky process. We know from past feedback that some organisations have completely given up on finding an editor or proofreader because of too many bad experiences when trying to outsource work. But when it works it’s like magic.

Eight ways to work smarter, not harder

Much has been written about how to be more productive in the workplace. But what if – like those of us who work for Accuracy Matters – your workplace is your home and your ‘office’ is the corner of a room that has some other function of an evening?

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