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Word up: the latest proofreading and editing news

Here’s a round-up of some interesting and useful (or sometimes just fun!) updates and news from the world of language, editing and proofreading.


Get ready for the General Election on 4 July by brushing up on your election terminology:

General Election: Key words and phrases explained 

Or you could dig a little deeper into political language with this fascinating article by Howard Manns and Kate Burridge of Monash University: 

How ‘witch-hunts’ and ‘Stockholm syndrome’ became part of political language (and what it has to do with wrestling

Perhaps you feel like swearing about the election. You’re not alone – and it’s now more socially acceptable:

Swearing is becoming more widely acceptable, linguistic experts claim 

Do you AI?

AI is always a hot topic for discussion – Jodi Amendola looks at why proofreading is still essential even though AI has improved in leaps and bounds:

Why proofreading is still essential in the age of AI 

Similarly, this article makes the case for human intervention in AI-generated copy:

Your AI needs a human copyeditor 

Punctuate this ...

We can all relax as apostrophes are once again allowed in North Yorkshire:

Proper punctuation’ to return after apostrophe ban 

Would you secretly like to join the punctuation warriors?

Getting possessive about apostrophes – Alison Healy on the rise of the punctuation warriors

Or Maybe. We’re all better off! Punctuating (or not); like Christopher. Walken.

Why Christopher Walken hates punctuation 

Accounts to follow - recommendations from the AM team

We’ve been loving Tom Read Wilson’s word of the day on Instagram. (Warning: sometimes a little sweary and NSFW!) 

Merriam-Webster on FacebookYouTube and X (Twitter) posts the word of the day as well as a variety of quizzes, puzzles and games.

Follow Yasmin Yarwood (Meticulous Proofreading) on LinkedIn  for regular proofreading and proof-editing hints and tips.

And don’t forget to connect with Rachel Nixon on LinkedIn for Accuracy Matters updates and other editing and proofreading info.

We find that Medium is an interesting source of useful articles. Take a look at Ryan HolidayDavid B. Clear and Grammar Girl. Rachel has published an article on Medium on the most embarrassing typos of all time.

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